Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 38: Cowling (part 6)

Reference for this entry: page 38-08, 38-09; 1.0 hours

I wasn't real happy with the way the cam receptacles didn't align with the holes in the cowl fiberglass. So I decided to fill these to match the receptacles better. Making a plug out of a plastic pen, I filled the gaps in with epoxy and flox for a better finish.

Reference: Page 38-08

Steps 8 & 9: Remove the cowl door and then rivet the hinge lugs to the top cowl.

This completes page 38-08.

Reference: Page 38-09

Step 1 (final attachment of the Oil Door) will be completed after painting.

Step 2: Remove the middle nose gear attach bolt indicated in Figure 2 on page 38-09.

Step 3: Slip the middle nose gear attach bolt through the F-1285B-1 Cowl Close-out Bracket so that the bracket is perpendicular to the bottom of the aircraft with the angled flange sweeping up towards the front.

Step 4: Bend the F-1285 Cowl Bottom Close-out to fit the curve of the bottom cowl. Slip the cowl bottom close-out around the WD-1201 Nose Gear Assembly and inside the bottom cowl.Attach the cowl bottom close-out to the F-1285B-1 Cowl Close-out Bracket using the hardware called out in Figure 2. Align the edges of the cowl bottom close-out with the edges of the slot in the bottom of the bottom cowl. Clamp the cowl bottom close-out to the bottom cowl.

Step 5: Match-Drill #19 the nutplate screw holes into the cowl bottom. Insert a screw in the top of each hole to maintain alignment while drilling.

Builder's note: Because the engine is already installed the match drilling was done from underneath the cowl. Note the use of a light to show holes through cowl. Make sure the light is directly above the hole before drilling otherwise shadowing can through the holes out of line.