Saturday, October 4, 2014

16 hour ELSA Experimental Course

This weekend I attended the 16 hour E-LSA LSRI (Light Sport Repairman Inspection) course offered by Rainbow Aviation. This will allow me to get the certificate from the FAA to do the annual inspections on the RV-12 airplane or for that matter any ELSA I own in my life.

Is there a test? Yes, at the end of the course there is a 50 question multiply choice test. 80% is needed to pass the test. That being said, you will be well prepared during the course for the test.

Is there any retraining required to remain current? No.

Will this allow me to do inspections on a S-LSA? No.

Is the course built around RV-12? No. We spent time on all aspects of LSA including 2 stroke Rotax.

Will this give me all the inform needed to maintain a RV-12? No not really, but it is a great place to start. I would highly recommend the course.