Monday, August 30, 2010

Van's Homecoming 2010

They say, "Home is were the heart is." In that case there can be no place nearer and dearer than Van's Homecoming for a RV aircraft builder or pilot. The weather was good as was the turnout, about 70 planes. I only counted 2 RV-10s but others may have shown up later.

The event was held in Independence, Oregon with the help of EAA chapter 292. Time and again I over heard attendees commenting on how great the breakfast was on Saturday. Great job guys and gals!

Van extolling the virtues of the RV-12. I did ask him which plane he flew the most the RV-10 or 12? He said, "First is the sailplane, then the 12, next 10 and last was the RV-4. To date he has about 150 hour on the 12.

So if you couldn't attend not to fret! Here is a compilation of video I shot on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RV-10 #40324
2,400 hours in construction time (and counting)

Tail Kit (SB 06-2-3 & SB 08-6-1 completed)
Wing Kit
Fuselage Kit
Finishing Kit
Firewall Forward Kit
Lycoming IO-540 C4B5, 80 SMOH in 2004
O time Hartzell two bladed prop.
Electric aileron, elevator and rudder trim
One touch Flap positioning
Whelan strobe & nav lights
Landing light kit
Upholstered seats by DJ's Custom Interiors (Cleaveland Tools)

Advance 3500 with AOA, battery backup & ARINC
TruTra DigiFlight II Autopilot
Garmin 396 (for weather &  backup navigation)
Garmin 340 audio panel
Garmin 430W
Icomm A200
Garmin GTX327 transponder
Trutrak ADI with GPS
Backup ASI and ALT
EBC 406 ELT w/remote
2ea. comm., transponder and GPS antennas
Bob Archer wing tip VOR antenna
VOR glide-slope splitter
Panel wiring by Pacific Coast Avionics

Extras: Chromed door hinges, Map box, Pitot Static kit, PlanePower Alternator, Airflow oil Cooler, Detailed builder log and paperwork with comments by Technical Counselors, Randolph Epibond Epoxy primer used throughout construction, heated pitot tube with Gretz mount, Stienair Fresh air vents, Ray Allen control grips, Aftermarket wheel pant extensions, electric fuel pump, Rivethead door guides and pins, McMaster door seals, door looks.