Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 46: Engine Installation (part 7)

Reference for this entry: page 46-10; 2.0 hours

Today is the big day for mounting the Rotax on the RV-12 airframe!

NOTE: At this point the engine weighs about 160 lbs. No dedicated hoisting lug is provided.

Step 4: Attach nylon web slings or equivalent. Place one under the prop flange and the other at the center of the WD-1220 Engine Mount Ring top tube.

Step 5: Install the engine and WD-1220 Engine Mount Ring to the WD-1221 Engine Mount Standoff, F-1201C Firewall Bottom and WD-1204 Engine Mount Brackets using the hardware shown in Figure 3 of the RV-12 plans shown on page 46-10. First install without fully tightening the lower two sets of hardware. Done this way the Engine Mount Standoff may be deflected vertically when aligning it to the upper engine mount ring attach bolts. Tighten the nuts to 160-190 in-lbs. At 160 in-lbs check to see if the nut castellations align with hole in bolt. Tighten up to 190 in-lbs to align the nut castellations to the hole in the bolt.

That's it for installing the engine on the RV12 airplane and it completes page 46-10. All and all, it was painless. Next time I will continue installing the engine pumbing.