Sunday, November 30, 2008

Starting a RV-10 homebuilt airplane

OK this is more history than current. On December 27th 2004 we unpacked our Vans RV-10 tail kit and started a journey four plus years in the making. This was sometime ago but we will work at catching up this blog for the. If you are just joining us check back, as our goal is to provide weekly updates on building the RV 10 aircraft. Here are some pictures as we first got started on the tail feathers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Past Airplane Projects

It's said aviation is in the blood, well maybe. This page is dedicated to some of our past aircraft. And yes we are still under construction;) If you want to see a larger image of the airplanes just click on a picture.

Here is the before picture of our 1965 Cessna 150E that I refurbished under the watchful eye of an IA.

Paint was restored back to the factory scheme and colors. Last time I heard the plane was in Alaska with its new owner. New seats and carpet are by Airtex. Seat belts and shoulder harnesses are from Wagaero.

A young Ethan give our Mooney a thumbs up when we bought it.