Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 38: Cowling (part 7) & Section 49: Cooling System (part 1)

Reference for this entry: page 38-09, 38-06, 38-07, 49-19,; 2.25 hours

Today will finish the cowl work on the RV-12 airplane.

Reference: Page 38-09

Step 6: Remove the F-1285 Cowl Bottom Close-out. Dimple the nutplate rivet holes in the cowl bottom close-out and the rivet holes in the corresponding nutplates. Rivet the nutplates to the cowl bottom close-out as shown in Figure 2.

Step 7: Install the F-1285 Cowl Bottom Close-out and attach the bottom cowl to the close-out using the hardware called out in Figure 3. Use a sanding block to remove the excess fiberglass if the aft edge of the cowl extends beyond the aft edge of the F-1285 Cowl Bottom Close-out.

Step 8: Drill #30 a pilot hole through each of the nutplates on the F-12118 Cowl Attach Plates into the bottom cowl. Remove the cowl and final-drill #19 the four pilot holes.

Step 9: Install the bottom cowl and attach the hardware called out in Figure 3. Install the top cowl and secure with the hinge pins.

Step 10: When installed there should be a minimum 1/32 gap on all cowl edges and between the cowl and fuselage to allow for paint. Use a sanding block to remove additional material from the top cowl and bottom cowl as required.

NOTE: Do not sand or finish the outside surface of the cowl at this time, translucency will be required for duct installation.

This completes the installation of the cowl until final finishing.

Reference: Page 49-19

Step 1: Cut a 3/4" hole in the Cooling shroud. Done previously.

Step 2: NA Remove rectifier. Builder's note: I drill it in place using a angle drill.

Step 3: Add RTV on the corners and seams on the inside of the Rectifier Cooling Shroud. Builder's note; This was done after painting the Shroud

Step 4: Seat the Cooling Shroud over the cooling fins on the Rectifier and Match drill #30 the four rivet holes.

Step 5: Remove the Shroud from the Rectifier and deburr the holes.

This completes this entry on the RV-12 airplane.