Monday, July 7, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 49: Cooling System (part 11)

Reference for this entry: page 49-17; 2.5 hours

Today's work is again on the RV-12 airplanes cooling system. I'm skipping over page 49-16 (deals with applying the aluminum heat shield to the inside of the cowl) until I can epoxy paint the interior of the cowl. Also after installing the oil hose as shown here a new service bulletin came out and the hoses needed to be moved!

Note: It is important to install the hoses without the lines being pushed or twisted into position. When the cowling is removed the lines will then hold the 886 034 Oil Cooler in position; which will make installing the cowl and oil cooler much easier.

Step 1: Remove the lower nut holding the EXH-1201 Cylinder #1 Exhaust Pipe and install the FF-1221 Hose Bracket.

NOTE: Temporarily loosen the clamps holding the 956 426 Oil Tank Assembly to allow rotating for the best fit of the oil hoses.

Step 2: Install the VA-213 Oil Supply Hose between the out port of the 956 426 Oil Tank Assembly and the left oil cooler nipple of the 886 034 Oil Cooler (finger tight).

Step 3: Install the VA-214 Oil Cooler Hose between the right oil cooler nipple of the 886 034 Oil Cooler (finger tight) and the oil pump inlet nipple on the front of the engine.

Step 4: Attach a cushioned clamp to the FF-1221 Hose Bracket and around the VA-214 Oil Cooler Hose.

Step 5: Install the VA-215 Oil Return Hose between the in port of the 956 426 Oil Tank Assembly and the oil return nipple on the bottom of the engine.

Step 6: With both oil cooler hoses that attach to the 886 034 Oil Cooler only finger tight, install the COWL 12 BOTTOM and drop the Oil Cooler Box Assembly into position on the two COWL 12 GUIDES (See Page 49-10, Figure 2). Remove the bottom cowl without disturbing the hose positions then tighten the hoses. Tie-Wrap the hoses together behind the engine in two places.

This more or less completes page 49-17, except these oil lines will be rerouted due to a Service Bulletin that came out right after I finished this work.