Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 50: Engine Controls (part 3)

Reference for this entry: page 50-07, 49-19; 3.5 hours

Today will continue with the installation of the engine choke control cable on the RV-12 airplane.

Step 5: Trim the Choke Cable lead to the dimension given in Figure 2, Detail A-A on page 50-07.

Step 6: Actuate the Choke Cable handle through the full range of motion. Ensure that the full range of motion (lower stop-to-upper stop) of the choke lever is achieved. Check for any interference throughout the full range of motion of the choke lever, Wire Swivel, and choke cable lead.

Step 7: Seal the cable penetration grommet (see Page 50-04, Figure 1) and the firewall wire penetration grommet (see Page 45-04, Figure 1) with Firewall Sealant.

Builder's note: I also fire sealed the brake reservoir.

This completes page 50-07.

Reference: 49-19

Step 1: Cut a 11 inch length of 2.5 inch SCAT hose to make the FF-1207B Shroud Hose.

Step 2: Connect the FF-1207B Shroud Hose to the COWL 12 BOTTOM and the FF-1207 Cooling Shroud using the hose clamps called-out.

This completes page 49-19 and this entry into the RV-12 airplane blog.