Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 31: Fuselage wiring (part 3) & OP-50 Fuel Pump Noise Filter

Reference: pages OP-50, 31-05 (rev 3); 1.0 hours

Van's Aircraft offers a Optional Fuel Pump Noise Filter OP-50. Having dealt with electrical noise issues in certified aircraft, I am all for filtering all the electrical noise I can. I have to admit the pump may not be a problem, but it just seems much easier to install during construction. So here it goes.

Step 6: Route the remaining WH-RV12-TUNNEL harness through the aft snap bushing in the back of the F-1204 Center Section Assembly. Find the WH-P34 (RED) Fuel Pump Power Wire and strip the end. Also strip the end of the red wire coming from the fuel pump if required.

Step 7: Remove the left bolt holding down the fuel pump. Final drill 1/4 inch the MS21919DG10 cushioned clamp. Slip the clamp around the wires and onto the bolt. Move on to the optional page OP-50.

Reference page OP-50

Step 1: NA Disconnect the Fuel Pump power wire.

Step 2: Connect the Fuel Pump power wire to the appropriate gender spade connector coming from the ES-00102 Noise Filer. Capture the barrel of the spade connector on the fuel pump power wire with the cushioned clamp as shown in figure 2 of the RV-12 plans on page )P-50.

Step 3: Connect the remaining spade connector coming from the Noise Filter to the WH-RV12-Tunnel wiring Harness.

Step 4: Remove the right-side mount bolt and washer from the Fuel Pump. Slip the Noise Filter ground wire ring terminal onto the shank of the mount bolt (underneath the washer), then reinstall the mount bolt.

Steps 5 and 6 on this page deal with mounting the filter capacitor and securing the wires, but can not be completed until after I install the pitot static line and the rest of the wiring harness gaming from the tail. So these will be added to the "TO DO" list for completion later.