Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 29A FWD Upper Fuselage (part 5)

Reference: page 29A-07 and SB 13-04-05; 7.0 hours

This is the second map box I have built (the first was for the RV-10 airplane. Van's Aircraft has updated the design since the introduction of the SkyView system and it is much easier to align the mapbox door than with the old style.

Step 1: Cleco a Map Box Half and the Map Box Door to the Skyview Inst Panel Right Mapbox.

< br/> Step 2: Place the Map Hinge in the corner made by the Map Box Door and the Map Box Half.

With the map box hinge held simultaneously against both the map box door and the map box half, match-drill #30 the map box hinge to the map box half. Cleco each match-drilled hole before match-drilling the next hole.

Step 3: With the Map Box Hinge held against the Map Box Door, match drill #40 the map box hinge to the map box door. Cleco each hole as you go.

Step 4:Remove the Map Box door. Re-cleco the lower flange of the Map Box Half to the SkyVeiw Inst Panel Right Mapbox. Cleco the second map box half and the first map box half.

Step 5: Final-Drill and match-drill #40 all 3/32 diameter holes in the SkyView Inst Panel Right Mapbox and the two MapBox Halves. Use a stepdr-ll to enlarge teh 3/32 inch hole in the middle of the top map box half to match the 1/2 diameter hole in the SkyView inst panel right mapbox.

Step 6: Remove the Sky View Inst Panel Right Mapbox leaving the two Map Box Halves clecoced together. Final-Drill#30 all the mating holes between the two map box halves.

This completes page 29A-07. Next time I will finish the Upper fuselage for the RV12 aircraft.