Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Miscellaneous

Reference for this entry: pages 29A-10, 34-11, 40-11; 3.0 hours

Today the plan is to to do a mixer of different tasks on the RV-12 airplane and there by start pulling some of the odd jobs together.

Reference: page 29A-10

Step 4: Install the screws that anchor the back of the Map Box to the Base Panel.

This completes page 29A-10 of the RV-12 plans.

Reference: 34-11

Step 2: Rivet the latch block to the Canopy Lock.

Reinstalled the Canopy guide blocks that had been remove form painting.

Reference: page 40-11

Builder's Note: Because the wiring had already been ran from the instrument panel back to the RollBar the steps on this page will be out of sequence fro the RV-12 plans.

Step 1: Drill #12 hole for lighting wires into roll bar.

Step 2: Insert a snap bushing in the hole, but first trim the sides of the bushing so it will set between the front and back frames of the roll bar.

Step 3: Remove the two lower right rivets.

Step 4: Machine countersink the three holes int the light bracket that attach the Cockpit light.

Step 5: Cleco the Light Bracket to the holes from the rivets just removed.

Step 6: Match-drill #30 the right two holes in the Light Bracket into the web of the Roll Bar.

Step 7: Rivet the light Bracket to the roll bar.

Step 8: Crimp on butt splices to the two wire coming out of the Cockpit light.

Step 9: The lighting wire have been run previously. But needed to be ran throug the roll bar. I used a length of light safety wire to pull the wires up through the roll bar.

Step 14: Enlarge the guide hole in the Roll bar attach Plate to 3/8".

Step 15: Inert a snap bushing into the hole after deburring the hole.

Step 16: Make a Wire tube out of PT-035X1/4 tubing 30 inches long.

Step 17: Used the safety wire to pull the wires up through the wiring tube and out through the hole in the Roll Bar.

Step 10: Crimp the butt splices onto the appropriate wires.

Step 11: Rivet the Cockpit light onto the Bracket using the called out rivets.

Secured the wires to the Roll Bar using a drop of fuel tank sealant.

This completes page 40-11 of the RV-12 airplanes plans and this entry