Friday, April 11, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 42C: Skyview Update (part 4)

Reference for this entry: page 42C-11, 42C-12; 0.5 hours

Today is another short entry for working on the RV-12 airplane kitted by Van's Aircraft. I have to say I a very pleased with how straight forward the avionics and wiring has been. Much different from designing your own systems.

Reference: Page 42C-11

Step 1: Install the Ignition and Start Module.

Step 2: Using the 6-32 supplied with the Dynon Skyview, install the SV D-1000.

This completes page 42C-11.

Reference: Page 42C-12

Step 1: Install the 15 pin Ignition Harness to the Starter Module and the other end to the Control Module. It doesn't matter which end goes where.

Step 2: Install the two wiring harness connectors that attach to the Skyview Display.

Step 3: Deals with installing the left instrument panel that was done previously.

That completes page 42C-12 of the RV-12 plans and this entry.