Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 42C: Skyview Update (part 7)

Reference for this entry: pages 42C-15, 42C-16, 42C-17; 2.75 hours

Today's work is to continue with the installation of the avionics in the RV-12 airplane.

Reference: Page 42C-15

Step 4: Install the ELT Antenna Bracket into the RV-12.

This completes page 42C-15.

Reference: Page 42C-16

Step 1: Connect the red and black wires coming from the ELT Connector Adapter to the butt splices on the end of the red and black wires coming from the Buzzer.

Step 2: (No GPS Optional Module) Strip the end of the (Gry/Prp) GPS Data Out wire then crimp on a but spice. Coil and tie-wrap the wire to the wiring harness. Builder's note: Covered the shielding with shrink wrap.

Step 5: Place the two blue gel sealants provided with the ELT over the Connector Adapter. Connect the Adapter to the ELT.

Step 6: Route the ELT Coax Cable under the Velcro.

Step 7: Connect the Phone Cable to the ELT Connector Adapter.

Step 9: Strip the end of the ELT Power Wire and crimp a splice to the end. Then coil it up with the other wires in the wiring harness.

Builder's note: The ELT has yet to be tested and registered.

Reference: Page 42C-17

Step 3: Install the GPS antenna onto the Retaining Plate>

Builder's Note: The GPS antenna wires didn't cleaner the retainer plate or the GPS Antenna Shelf, so I ended up modifying it to clear the wires as you can see below.

Step 4: Attach the Retaining Plate to the Antenna Shelf using the hardware called out by Van's Aircraft.

Step 5: Install two cushioned clamps together on the Engine Mount Standoff.

Step 6: Route the GPS wires through the cushioned clamps and through the firewall penetration.

That completes page 42C-17 and this day's work on the RV-12 project.