Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 42D: Skyview Update (part 4)

Reference: Pages 42D-20, 42D-21; 2.5 hours

Steps 5 & 6 on page 42D-20 are the only steps that apply to my installation of the Dynon SkyView on the RV 12 aircraft project, this is because I had not previously purchased the D180 EFIS kit.

Step 5: Find the WH-RV12-Headset wiring harness routed up through the Panel Base comprised of two four conductor shielded wires WH-RV194 and WH-RZ195. Cut off any connectors leaving as much wire as possible.

Builder's note: It isn't list in the plans but RZ194 is from the pilots side and RZ-195 is for the Co-pilot side. This information was found on one of the Vans Aircraft forums at

Crimp the WHT/BLK shield wire coming from WH-RZ194 and WH-RZ195 into one end of a splice. Find the WH-RZ944 (WHT/BLK) wire coming from the WH-00026 Option Conversion Harness, strip then double this wire over and crimp the doubled wire into the other end of the splice. See figure 2 on page 42D-20 of the RV-12 plans by Van's Aircraft.

Crimp the (WHT/GRN) conductor wire coming from WH-R194 and WH-RZ195 into one end of a splice. FInd the WH-RZ941 (WHT/GRN) wire coming from the option conversion harness, strip then double this wire over and crimp it into the other end of the splice.

Strip the ends of the (WHT/ORG), (WHT) and (WHT/BLU) wires coming from the WH-RZ942(WHT) and WH-RZ943 (WHT) three conductor shielded wires in the option conversion harness. Crimp these wires to the remaining wires coming from the headset wiring harness.

Builder's note: I put heat shrink over the bundle of connectors to keep things clean.

Builder's note: After inserting the wires from the new harness into the WH-00026 OPTION and AUTOPILOT sub-d connectors as shown in figure 2 on page 42D-20 I moved on to step 6.

Step 6: Tie-wrap the wires from Step 5 to the wires coming from the backshells at the junction of the WH-00026 Option Conversion harness and the WH-RV12-OPTIONAL.

This completes page 42D-20.

Reference: page 42D-21

Step 1: Find the wires that were routed from the WH-00026 Option Conversion Harness and WH-00036 Tunnel Conversion Harness through the F-1203A Bulkhead.

Step 2: Route the WH-P325 (WHT/RED) wire along the path of the ES RS 279-374 Phone Cable as describled on page 31-03 to the location of the ELT.

That is the last two steps to complete page 42D-21. Next time will be a continuation of the wiring conversion for the Dynon Skyveiw EFIS in the RV12 airplane.