Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 34: Canopy Installation (part 8)

Reference: Page 34-09, 34-10, 34-11; 3.5 hours

Step 2, page 34-09: Cleco the canopy to the front frame bow. Installed the screws that hold the canopy to the rear bow.Just tight enough so the screws don't turn freely.

Builder's note: I'm still not happy with the canopy clearance of the instrument panel. So off the canopy came and I removed more plastic.

Builder's note: I roller the top edges of the canopy skirts so they fit the bubble better.

Step 3: Riveted the skirts to the canopy frame and installed the screws along the side frame.

Riveted the canopy along the front bow (again the canopy was first warm before starting any of this work.

This completes page 34-09.

Step 1, page 34-10: Installed the canopy handle and latch. Greased it with Aeroshell #5 grease. the handle is not supposed to turn under it's own weight when the canopy is in its up position. Mine was fine until I grease it.

So I removed the latch assemble and slightly pinched it (as out lined in the RV-12 plans) with a pair of Vise Grips with tape over the jaws to protect the part. Is doesn't need much to work correctly.

Step 2: I Machine counter sunk the Latch Block using a small diameter countersink and installed it on the roll bar as directed in the RV-12 plans by Van's Aircraft.

This completes page 34-10.

Reference page 34-11, Step 1: Close the RV-12 canopy and check the clearances against the drawings on page 34-11 of the RV-12 plans.

Builder's note: As can be seen in the picture below, I have zero clearance above the latch handle and twice the maximum below the handle. This can be adjusted by filing down the latch tube on the canopy frame. But before doing this rather permanent adjustment I am going to finish the canopy and paint the roll bar to ensure the proper seating of the canopy.

Step 2: Fabricate the Latch Block and match-drilled it to the Latch plate.

I'm holding off installing the Latch Block until after I paint the roll bar.

This completes today's work on the canopy installation on the RV-12 airplane kitted by Van's Aircraft.