Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 34: Canopy Installation (part 13)

Reference: Page 34-16; 4.0 hours

Today's entry in more work on the RV-12 airplane canopy. For filling the weave of the glass cloth, low spots and large imperfections I use West Systems 410 light wight filler. However if an imperfection is near the edge of the canopy canopy canopy will use epoxy and flox to fill it. The reason for tis is the light weight filler doesn't have the structural strength and can chip is dinged on an edge.

Builder's note: For the first few applications a Sureform can be used to remove large amounts of material from a contour while it is still too soft to sand.

To fill the pinholes I will be using UV Smoothprime as it is compatible with the Epibond epoxy primer I am using as a primer for the exterior of the airplane.

Talking about compatibility, common practice when finishing epoxy layups is to use a spray can sand-able enamel primer and then to block sand to find high and low spots. Because Epibond is a two part epoxy it tends to cause enamel to lift (bad news)! Since this is the case I didn't use spray primers.