Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 35: Landing Gear & Engine Mount (part 1)

Reference: Page 35-02, 35-03; 1.5 hours

Today officially starts the installation of the Landing Gear and Engine mount on the RV12 airplane kit. Technically I started it on 1/12/14 when I installed the engine mount while waiting for epoxy to cure, but it is getting documented here.

Step 1: Final drilled the two 3/16" holes to 3/8". Used a unibit to create nice clean holes. Also, to ensure holes were centered to the mount before drilling.

Step 2: Install hardware and upper engine mount and then torqued these to the specified values. I didn't have any alignment problems.

Builder's note: I jumped over the steps dealing with the nose wheel as I wanted to get the main gear on. Also I didn't have talc here to assemble the wheels.

Reference: Page 35-03

Step 1: Assembly of the two Main Gear Attach Brackets using Fuel Lube on the threads. Torque to correct values.

Step 2: Applied grease to the Outboard and inboard wear plates. And installed main landing gear legs. The SB was completed earlier during construction.

Builder's note: In the picture below you will notice the Gear Leg mounting blocks do not seat fully against the wear plates but rather just sandwiches the gear leg into place between the wear plate and block. I did talk to Van's Aircraft about this and it was designed that way on purpose and is the same design as used on the RV-8 tail wheel aircraft. So getting the torque values correct is critical!

Builder's note: The bolt grip area is lubricated to allow for more accurate torque vales (see the landing Gear Service Bulletin SB 12-11-09)

Step 3: Bolted on the main gear axles. Using the C-1211 wood block (remember the ones used as canopy spacers?) to check the alignment of the axles for toe in or toe out. There should be neither toe-in or toe-out on the main landing gear.

Step 4: Add the fluid fittings to the brake assemblies using thread sealant. The left and right side mirror each other.

This completes page 35-03 of the RV 12 construction plans. Next I will continue with more work on the RV12 landing gear.