Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 37: Fuel Tank (part 6) & Fuel tank Service Bulletin 13-12-19 and new fuel tank gauge

Reference: Service Bulletin 13-12-19; 3.0 hours

Today's work is the continuation of the fuel tank update for the RV-12 aircraft I am building. On other mod that Van's Aircraft is offering is a RV12 Fuel Tank Vent Modification Section 37B. It's not required but does away with the hole in the fuel tank cap and allows fuel to dump over board do to expansion in the heat. I will be installing it at a future date.

Step 9: Cleco the T-01220A doubler to the tank and match drill the tank with a #30 drill bit. The top hole must be supported with a 1/8" spacer before drilling. After deburring the doubler is clecoed to the inside of the fuel tank.

Step 10: Final drill #19 the three hole specified by Van's Aircraft in the service bulletin.

Step 11: The lower screw hole is then countersunk for the head of a AN509-8R10 machine screw.

Step 12: Deburr the tank and doublers and clean all of the chips and debris out of the fuel tank.

Step 13: Add a thin layer of fuel tank sealant between the fuel tank and the doublers. Rivet the doublers into place.

Step 14: Install the screws to the doubler as directed in the service bulletin.

Step 15: Install all remaining rivets that were removed

Step 16: Apply sealant to the interior of the doublers and the fwd lower tank corners.

Also see page 37-03 for more information. on the above steps. That's all for this entry. But the fuel tank is the gift that keeps giving so there is more to come on the RV-12 airplane fuel tank.