Friday, February 14, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 35: Landing Gear & Engine Mount (part 5)

Reference: Pages 35-02, 35-04, 35-05; 3.0 hours

I was finally able to get the grease I needed for the RV-12 airplane's main wheel bearings. Matco recommends Aeroshell 22 (not Aeroshell 5) for the bearings. So today seemed like a good time to finish up the main landing gear.

Reference: page 35-02

Step 9: Fully grease wheel bearings before installing. i worked the grease down into the bear by hand.

This completes page 35-02.

Reference: page 35-04

Step 1: Slide the main gear wheel assembly and washer onto the axle and secure with the axle nut as shown in Figure 3. The axle nut should be tightened to the point that there is no play in the assembly and the rubber seal on the bearing doesn't spin with the wheel. See the instructions included with the wheel and brake package for further details on axle nut torque.

Builder's note: Because of the seal the preload is different than regular aircraft wheel bearings! Read the instructions.

Step 2: , Installed the Stationary Brake Shoe behind the Brake Disk, then bolt the Stationary Brake Shoe and Cylinder Assembly together. Torqued to Matco recommendations.

This completes page 35-04.

Reference: page 35-04

Step 3: Installed the landing gear covers that fit under the gear legs on the RV-12 airplane.

I am leaving the Fuselage inspection plates off (Step 4) until paint and final inspection. So, this completes today's work session. Also the front gear won't be installed until right before the firewall forward kit is installed (my garage is too short to make the plane yes to work around.) I am going up to Van's Aircraft to pick up the new RV12 Fuel Vent Modifications kit, so iy can be installed before closing up the fuel tank.