Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 37: Fuel Tank (part 7); new fuel tank gauge; new tank vent kit

Reference: pages 37B-03, 37-06, Service Bulletin 13-12-19; 3.5 hours

Today and tomorrow will finish up most of the work for the RV-12's fuel tank. I am installing the new vent kit which is not required but seemed like a good idea since the fuel tank is disassembled for the Service Bulletin work. In looking over the plan revisions this vent is now part of the regular kit produced by Van's Aircraft.

Reference: 37B-03

Step 1: Removed Res Sender Plate previously.

Step 2: Using the template found on page 37B-03 (which was not to scale) measure and drill the hole in the fuel tank top. Deburr the hole.

Step 3: Finish installing the fuel fitting as out lined on page 37-05 step 5.

Step 4: Using the template supplied by Van's aircraft, drill the hole in the Baggage Bulkhead.

Reference page 37-06

Step 4: Install the new mechanical Fuel Gauge.

Sorry no pictures.

Step 5; Install the fluid fitting for the new RV-12 fuel tank vent.

Service Bulletin 13-12-19

Step 17: Reconnected the fuel return line to the fitting on the bottom of the fuel tank.

Reinstalled the fuel tank top after completing all internal work.

Turned tank upside down and put a dab of sealant on each new rivet.

I'm letting the fuel tank sit upside down overnight before completing the job of installing the sender unit plate.