Saturday, March 26, 2011

RV-12 Tailcone (Part 6)

Reference: page 10-06, page 10-07, page 10-8; 6.5 hours

Well the RV-12 is starting to really grow in size! As the end of section 10 of Van's Aircrafts plans draws near, I'm leaning towards attaching the tail feathers to the tailcone rather than jumping over the next section.

Reference: page 10-06

Step 3: Rivet the F-1284-L & -R Shear Clips to the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners using rivets called out in the plans.

Step 4: Cleco the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners to the F-1282-L & -R Bottom Left and Right Skins.

Step 5: Match-Drill #30 the holes in each of the F-1282-L & -R Bottom Left and Right Skins into the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners.

Remove, clear away chips, deburr and re-cleco.

Step 6: Rivet the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners only to the J-stiffener of the F-1282-L & -R Bottom Left and Right Skins using rivets called out in plans.

Step 7: Place the F-1282-L bottom Left Skin upside down across two sawhorses that are at least 38 inches tall. Locate the forward sawhorse just forward of where the F-1208 Frame will be, and the rear sawhorse just aft of where the F-1210 Frame will be.

Builder's note: I used 31-32" tall saw horses with no problems.

Step 8: Hook the J-Stiffener cutout of the F-1208, F-1209 and F-1210 Frames onto the J-Stiffener of the F1282-L Bottom Left Skin. Cleco each fuse frame to the left bottom skin.

Step 9: Hook the J-Stiffener of the F-1282-R Bottom Skin into the J=Stiffener cutout of the F-1208, F-1209, and F-1210 Frames. If the J-stiffeners interfere with J-stiffener cutouts in the fuse frames, either the J-stiffeners can be bent or the cutouts in the frames can be enlarged slightly until the J-stiffeners clear. Cleco the bottom right skin to the F-1282-L. Bottom Left Skin and frames.

This completes page 10-06.

Reference: page 10-07

Step 1: Hook the J-Stiffeners of the F-1281-L & -R Skins into the cutouts in the F-1208, F-1209, F-1210 Frames. Cleco the lower skins to the frames and F-1282-L & -R bottom Left and Right skins. Capture the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners with the bottom and lower left and right skins.

Step 2: Place masking tape over all of the holes that are within seven inches of the forward edge of each tailcone skin. Those will be left open for the remainder of this section.

Step 3: Rivet the F-1282-L & -R Bottom Left and Right Skins together. Rivet the F-1208, F-1209 and F-1210 Frames to the bottom left and right skins. Rivet the F1281-L & -R Lower Left and Right Skins only to the bottom left and right skins, and the F-1283A & B J-Stiffeners using rivets called out. Leave open all remaining holes in thelower left and right skins.

This completes page 10-07.

Reference page 10-08:

Step 1: Turn the assembly over so the frames are pointing up. Support the assembly with two sawhorses, one at the F-1208 Frame and one at the F-1210 Frame.

Step 2: Cleco the F-1211 Assembly to the aft end of the existing structure.

That's it for today we will pick up here next time.