Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RV-12 Stabilator (Part 6)

Reference: page 09-08; 3.5 hours

Today the outer skins will be installed on the Stabilator. In working on this, it struck me how easy pulling rivets for the RV-12 skins are compared to all the driven rivets on the RV-10. True, it is a different airplane with a different mission, but pulled rivets sure are easy. Let's get stared!

Step 4: Cleco the HS-1201-R & _L Main Skins to the Stabilator Skeleton Assembly. Cleco all of the holes in the bottom side of one of the main skins. Guide the upper aft flange of the main skin to the outside of the lower aft flange. Then cleco all of the holes on the top side.

Complete Step 5 with the first main skin. Then repeat this step for the remaining main skin.

NOTE: Rivets and locations for the left side main skin are a mirror of the right. The entire bottom side of the main skin is a mirror of the top side.

Step 5: Rivet only the top and bottom surface of the HS-1201-R & _L main Skins to the Stabilator Skeleton Assembly. Leave open the aft flanges of the main skin. Begin at the leading edge of the main skin and finish at the trailing edge. Leave open the aft outboard row of holes on the the top and bottom.

Step 6: Rivet the remaining open holes in the top and bottom of the Stabilator Skeleton Assembly between the HS-1201-R & _L Main Skins. Refer to the Stabilator Skeleton Assembly with the main skins attached as the Stabilator Assembly.

Builders note: As promised last time, here is a picture of the broken outboard end of the Stabilator skins. To form this I used the edge forming tool from Cleveland Aircraft Tools. Because of shadowing the rivets may appear like they are not properly seated, but they really are.

This completes page 09-08. If all goes well, the Stabilator will be completed next time.