Friday, March 25, 2011

RV-12 Tailcone (Part 5)

Reference: page 10-02, page 10-06 ; 6.5 hours

As I discussed earlier now that I am getting ready to work on the RV12's tailcone skins, it is now time to get the skins ready.

Page 10-02

Step 1: Identify the tailcone skins. The F-127 8op Skin does not have a J-Stiffener formed on either of the long sides. The F-1282-L Bottom Left Skin has J-stiffener formed on both of the long edges, while the F-1282-R Bottom Right Skin has only one. The remaining tailcone skins have a J-stiffener formed on one edge, and each left skin is mirrored by the right.

Step2: Prepare the skins shown in Figure 1 for a lap joint by deburring and breaking (Section 5K) the edges. The edges to be lap joints are called out in figure 1 on page 10-02. Both edges of the F-1278 Top skin must break in the same direction. The remaining skins must break in the same direction as the J-stiffener. Begin with the F-1282-R Bottom right skin, since it is least likely to be seen. When breaking the edges of the F-1278 Top Skin gradually increase the break angle towards the aft end.

This completes page 10-02

Reference page 10-06

Place the F-1282-L & -R bottom Left and Right Skins on a flat surface.

Step2: Trim the called out material from the F-1282-L Bottom Left Skin as shown.

After completing these steps time was spent prepping and priming the skins for the next steps.