Sunday, March 20, 2011

RV-12 Tailcone (Part 2)

Reference: page 10-03; 3.5 hours

Well, it finally feel like I'm starting to get some traction on the RV-12 airplane. Still debating whether to attach the empennage (Section 11) when the tailcone is complete or to move on to the wings. This is the process I followed during construction of the RV-10 and it worked well. There is still time before the desition must be made.

Step 1: Fabricate the F-1211G Tail Skid Bracket from the AEX Tie Down extrusion using the F-1211G-DT Drill template as shown in plans.

Step 2: Remove the tabs from the F-1211B Bulkhead Boubler and beduree the bends called out.

Builder's note: I am not sure why the plans say to deburr the bends but not the rest of the part. It may because of it being a critical area for cracks. I went ahead and deburred all of the edges.

Step 3: Machine countersink the holes in the F-1211B Bulkhead Doubler.

Step 4: Seperate the F-1211D Attach Brackets by removing the material called out in the plans. Deburr.

Builder's note: Don't deburr the holes at this time! These are deburred a very specific way in a later step.

Step 5: Mark, then separate the F-1284-L & -R Shear Clips.

Step 6: Mark, then separate the F-1211C-L & _R Hinge Brackets.

Step 7: Mark the F-1283 J-Stiffener with the part numbers called out in the plans. Remove the area shown hatched in the plans to separate the F-1283A, B, & C J-Stiffeners.

This completes page 10-03.