Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RV-12 Tailcone (Part 4)

Reference: page 10-04; 3.5 hours

The RV-12 rear tail-cone bulkhead will be finished today. It will then be trial fitted to the stabilator.

Step 7: Cleco the F-1211G Tail Skid Bracket and the F-1211D Attach Brackets (with bushing flange on the outboard side) to the F-1211A Fuselage Bulkhead and F-1211B Bulkhead Doubler.

Step 8: Rivet the F-1211A Fuselage Bulkhead to the F-1211B Bulkhead Doubler, using the rivets indicated.

Builder's note: For the two low rivets i removed the tail skin bracket to prevent it from interfering with the die, however a small diameter female die would work.

Reference Page 10-06

Step 1: With the Stabilator Assembly on a workbench, check the fit of the F-1211 Assembly hinges with the Stabilator Assembly hinge brackets. Determine the best symmetric choice of wishers to minimize lateral play and prevent binding throughout the stabilator travel. While determining the hinge hardware, use one washer between the bolt head and bracket, and use only one washer on each side of the bearing. The called out AN960-416 Washers may be substituted with AN960-416L washers as necessary.

Step 2: Temporarily super glue the washers, determined in Step 1, to the outboard side of the HS-1213A Inboard Hinge Bracket, and the inboard side of the HS-1213B Outboard Hinge Bracket. Be sparing with the super glue, contact only the washer and hinge bracket. Apply a minimal amount of oil to the bolt shank, then locate the washers using the bolt called out.

Builder's note: I ran into a GOTCHA as the AN4_12A shank would not fit through the Hinge Bracket holes. I went back to see if I had missed the step of drilling them, however it is not called out in the plan. So I final-drilled them to 1/4 inch. This required a short bit and an angle head drill. And a soft touch as I didn't want to damage the nutplate. The hole were then deburred.

Step 9: Rivet the F-1211D Attach Brackets and F-1211G tail Skid Brackets to the F-1211 Assembly using the rivets indicated.

Hereafter refer to the F1211-A and the F1211B Bulkhead Doubler as the F-1211 Assembly.

Step 10: Rivet the nutplates to the F12-11 Assembly as shown in the plans using the indicated hardware.

Step 11: Cleco the F-1211C-L 7 -R Hinge Brackets and the VA-146 Flange Bearings to the 1211 Assembly.

Step 12: final-Drill #30 the holes common to the F-1211C-L & -R Hinge Brackets, the VA-146 Flange Bearings, and the F-1211 Assembly. Cleco each hole before drilling the next. Disassemble, deburr the re-cleco in place.

The picture below doesn't show each hole celcoed as instructed. It was staged as I disassembled the part.

Step 13: Rivet the F-1211C-L & -R Hinge Brackets and the VA-146 Flange Bearings to the F-1211 Assembly.

Step 14: Insert the snap bushing into the F-1211 Assembly.