Sunday, March 13, 2011

RV-12 Stabilator (Part 5)

Reference: page 09-07; 5.5 hours

I just got official notice the aircraft registration number N24VA, that I am hoping to use for the RV-12, is now reserved. So with this news, it must be time to get back to the building this experimental light sport aircraft.

Step 1: Install the HS-1213A Inbd and HS-1213B Outbd Hinge Brackets to the HS-1202 Fwd Spar using the hardware called out in plans.

Builders note: I torqued the bolts and then marked them with orange torque seal.

Step 2: Install the HS-1210 Bushing between the HS-1213A Inbd and HS-1213B Outbd Hinge Brackets using the hardware called out. When installing each bushing or tightening the bolt the inbd and outbd hinge brackets should not yield to the bushings. Trim or replace bushings as necessary to maintain the spacing and angle of the inbd and outbd hinge brackets.

Builders note: Using a crows foot extension on a torque wrench is a good way to get in to set the torque on the nut. Just remember to do the needed calculation for the extra leverage it adds.

Step 3: Mark one of the HS-1218A Aft Hinges as right and other as left, and label the inboard end.

Step 4: Apply masking tape to the HS-1218A-R and HS-1218A-L Aft Hinges as shown in plans. Count from the same end of both hinges halves. These masked areas will be omitted when drilling in Step 5.

CAUTION: Before performing Step 5 study the HS-1223 Drill Guide to identify the difference between the notched edges (used in Section 8) and the un-notched edges used in this section.

NOTE: For tips using the HS-1223 Drill Guide refer to Page 8-3, Figure 5.

Step 5:
Match-Drill #30 the HS-1218A-R Aft Hinge using the HS-1223 Drill Guide as called out. Orient the un-notched inset edges of the drill guide to be flush against the eyelets of the aft hinge half. Clamp the drill guide onto the aft hinge half. Use only the holes that are centered below each aft hinge eyelet. Omit the holes that align with the macking tape applied in Step4. Repposition the drill guide and repeat Step 5 until the aft hinge half is match-drilled at each eyelet, except where the macking tape is applied. Repeat Step 5 for the HS-1218A-L Aft Hinge.

Builder's note: In the picture above, there should be a hole under the eyelet at the end of the hinge, but I forgot to drill it the first time through and ended up drilling later.

This completes page 09-08.

Reference: Page 09-08

Step 1: Mark one of the HS-1201 Main Skins as HS-1201-R, that will be the right main skin. Mark the other main skin as HS-1201-L that will be the left main skin.

Step 2: Cleco the HS-1218A-L & -R Aft Hinge to the HS-1201 Main Skin. Orient the hinges flush to the inside of the aft flange aligned to the hole pattern nearest to the bend of the aft flange.

Step 3: Match-Drill #30 the holes at each masking tape location from the HS-1201-R Main Skin into the HS-1218A-L & -R Aft hinges. Match-Drill #30 the hole at the inboard end of both aft hinges.

Remove the aft hinges, deburr the holes and clear away any chips.

Builder's note: From here I started prepping and priming the Stabilator skins for the next steps. I decided to break the outboard edges of the skins. This is not required, however I feel it should give the stabilator a more finished look. If I can get a picture of this to turn out I will post it later.