Friday, March 18, 2011

RV-12 Stabilator (Part 7)

Reference: page 09-09, page 09-10; 3 hours

In this installment the Stabilator will be completed. As a side note, Vans Aircraft called to set a date to pick up my other kits for the RV-12.

Step 1: Cleco the HS-1215 Skin Splice Plate to the aft flanges where the HS-1201-R & -L Main Skins meet.

Step 2: Match-Drill #52 the 1/16" holes in the HS-1215 Skin splice Plate into the aft flanges of the Main Skins.

Note: Step 3 through Step 5 describe installation for parts on the right side of the Stabilator Assembly, installation for parts on the left side is a mirror of the right.

Step 3: Rivet the HS-1218A-R Aft Hinge to the HS-1201-R Main Skin. Include the HS-1216 Aft Main Ribs when riveting the holes common to the aft hinge, main skin and aft ribs. Include the HS-1215 Skin Splice Plate, on the inside surface of the aft flange, when riveting the holes common to the aft hinge, main skin and skin splice plate.

Step 4: Rivet one of the HS-1208 Aft Ribs through the HS-1201-R Main Skin to the HS-1207 Outbd Main Rib. Rivet one of the HS-1208 Aft Ribs through the HS-1201 Main Skin to the HS-1206 Inbd Main Rib. Orient the rib flanges as shown in Figure 2 page 09-09.

Step 5: Rivet all of the remaining holes in the aft flanges of the HS-1201-R Main Skin.

Step 6: Separate the HS-1217 Aft Skins by removing the material called out.

Step 7: Pinch the aft edge of the HS-1217 Aft Skin until the open ends lays flat on the edge of the main skin. Cleco the aft skin to the HS-1201-R Main Skin and the SH-1208 Aft Ribs.

Step 8: Match-drill #30 the holes from the HS-1217 Skin into the HS-1208 Aft Ribs called out in the plans. Remove the aft skin, deburr the holes and clear away any chips.

Step 9: Rivet the HS-1217 Aft Skin to the HS-1208 Aft ribs and the HS-1201-R Main Skin using the rivets called out.

This completes page 09-09.

Reference: page 09-10

Step 1: Install the WD-1207 Upper and WD-1208 Lower Horns to the Stabilator Assembly. using hardware called out.

Builder's note: I also installed the spacer plates made & discussed in a previous post, to make up the the loose fit on the spar. Also, insured the bolt was the proper length with the spacers installed. See the "Standard Aircraft Handbook" for information on the correct bolt length. Set the torque on the bolts and put torque seal on them.

Step 2: Insert the WD-1223 Counterbalance Arm into the Stabilator Assembly. Align the previously match-drilled #12 holes in the counterbalance arm to the corresponding holes in the WD-1222 Counterbalance Brackets.

Step 3: Temporarily install the WD-1223 Counterbalance Arm to each of the WD-1222 Counterbalance brackets using the hardware called out.

Step 4: final-Drill #12 the the holes in the R-1014 Counterbalance Weights.

Step 5: Install the R-1014 Counterbalance Weights to the WD-1223 Counterbalance Arm with the hardware called out.

NOTE: The counterbalance arm final installation and the Anti-Servo Tab installation will be completed during Section 11: Emp Attachment.

Builder's note: Set the torque on the hardware and put torque seal on them.

This completes the Stabilator. Next we will start the tailcone!