Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 32: Flight Controls (part 5)

Reference: pages 32-07, 32-08, 32-10; 2.0 hours

With the empennage installed on the RV-12 airplane kit, I decided to go back the the flight control section and get these finished up as well.

Reference: 32-07

Step 12: Press the Flap knob onto the Fork Assembly.

This completes page 32-07.

Reference: Page 32-08

Step 3: With the 0.025 spacers under the Dentent bracket and the Fork Assembly engaged in the lowest detent, The flap Knob should be flush with the Flap handle tube. I needed to trim some of the fork length to get a good fit.

Step 4: Removed and drilled a #30 rivet hole into the Knob and Fork Assembly per dimensions in RV-12 plans as directed by Van's Aircraft. Then installed a rivet.

Builder's Note: I also wanted a nice looking functional handle grip similar to the ones on the control sticks. Because of the diameter of the Flap handle a regualar bike grip wasn't going to work so I used a Regrip purchased through HomeDepot.

Even with carefully positioning it stretched a little during installation and needed trimming. This completed page 32-08.

Reference: Page 32-10

Step 10: Separate the rudder cable links.

This completes this entry for the RV-12 airplane and page 32-10.