Saturday, June 13, 2015

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build,Section 33: Install of the Baggage floor cover and Baggage Bulkhead

Reference: Page 33-03, page 42N-20 1.5 hours

I talked to Mike Seager about transition training for the RV-12 and the initial test flights. One question I have had is how do people do the initial preflight inspections with the fuel tank installed the tailbone bulkhead also has to be installed? He said what he has seen is to document the inside of the tailcone and then close it up. So the following pictures are for just that purpose. Note I am using the newer split baggage floor cover.

Builder's note: Rudder cables are shown with slack in them.

Builder's note: In the picture below the vent tube needs to be rotated so the tee is pointing up. This was completed but not photographed.

The two nuts pictured above are the one that attach the flaperon torque tube together on the left side of the aircraft. These set under the fuel tank and floor cover.

Feels funny to seal the tailcone up on the RV12. I did check for anything that did belong before installing the bulkhead.