Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 16: Stall Warning (part 2)

Reference: page 16-03, 16-04; 2.5 hours

Today's work will finish the installation of the Stall Warning assembly in the RV-12 aircraft wing. SOme of the pictures include a few of the electrical wiring tools I own and use. Most came from SteinAir. A link to their website is in the link section of this blog.They are also the manufactures of many of the wiring harness used by Van's Aircraft for the RV-12. Also, they are great people to work with.

Step 1: Make the WH-B217 (WHT) Ground Wire by cutting #18 gauge wire 5 inches long and installing an ES DV18-188-M female spade connector on one end of the wire and an ES 31890 on the other. Double check that the connectors are properly installed!

Step 2: Install the Stall Warning Sub-assembly on the W-1208-R Nose Rib. The upper screw goes through the slot in the VA-195A Mount and allows the angle of the Stall Warning Sub-assembly to be adjusted. The lower screw passes through the ES 31890 terminal on the WH-B217 (WHT) Ground wire.

Step 3: Carefully position the W-1202-L Mid Skin over the W-1208-R Nose Ribs and Stall Warning Sub-assembly and cleco.

Step 4: Double check that the VA-196 Stall Warning Vane in the "at rest" position is perpendicular to the surface of the wing skin. If the stall warning vane is not perpendicular, remove the Stall Warning Sub-assembly and bend the stall warning vane as required. See figure 3 on page 16-03 of plans. Adjust the sub-assembly until the VA-196 Stall Warning Vane activates and deactivates the ES E22-50K Micro Switch with the minimum travel possible (it is permissible to bend the arm on the micro switch if/as needed.)

Step 5: Remove the clecos and W-1202-L Mid Wing Skin.

Step 6: Make the WH-B218(WHT) Terminal Wire by cutting #18 gauge wire 68 inches long. Install an ES DV18-188M female spade connector on one end of the wire. Double check that the spade connector is properly installed.

Step 7: Install the WH-B218 (WHT) Terminal Wire to the N.O. (normally open) terminal of the ES E22-50K Micro Switch as shown in Figure 1 on page 16-03. Start at the stall warning sub-assembly, route the terminal wire inboard through the snap bushing in each W-1208 Nose Rib headed inboard. Install the WH-B217 (Wht) Ground Wire to the COM. (common) terminal of the ES E22-50K Micro Switch.

This completes page 16-03.

Reference page 16-04

Step 1: Cut two 12 foot lengths of string or fishing line.

Step 2: Starting from the most outboard W12-08 nose Rib, route a length of string inboard through the snap bushings in all of the nose ribs. Tape the ends of the string on the outboard and most inboard nose ribs. Repeat process on the right wing.

Step 3: Take the inboard end of the WH-B218 (WHT) terminal Wire and attach a ring connector. Ensure that the connector is properly installed.

Step 4: Make two WH-B216 (WHT) terminal Ground wires by cutting #18 wire to 5" lengths and attaching a ring connector to each end.

Step5: Attach the WH-B218(WHT) Terminal Wire and one of the WH-B216 (WHT) Terminal Ground Wires to the W-1205-L Terminal Brackets.

Step 6: Attach the second WH-B216 (WHT) Terminal Ground Wire to the W-1205-R Terminal Bracket.

Step 7: Install the W-1205-L and _R Terminal Brackets. Take care not to pinch wires between the attachment point. Route the WH-B216 (WHT) Terminal Ground Wires around the forward flange of the terminal brackets and fasten the connector with the terminal bracket mounting screw. other wires should be neatly tucked behind terminal bracket.

Builder's note: For this last step I only temporarily fit the brackets as they will by remove during the next section because I am installing the lighting kit. Second, i like to use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound for wires grounded against aluminum. It is designed to help the electrical connection so corrosion doesn't form and give electrical problem down the line. It's made by Idea Products and is available from HomeDepot in the electrical section.

This completes section 16. Next will be Section 17, skinning the wings.