Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 15: Wing Ribs (part 9)

Reference: page 15-05; 2 hours

The left main spar is now back from Van's Aircraft and ready to go. First the rib assemblies were re-riveted to the spar. While the work is being noted here I am not photo documenting the process because I don't want to confuse anyone as it is not part of the normal construction process. So that leave us where we stopped on page 15-05 starting with Step 3.

Step 3: Select four of the forward trimmed W-1208-R Nose Ribs and cleco then rivet to the W-1206-L Spar Assembly and attach angles.

Step 4: Cleco then rivet the forward trimmed W-1208-L Nose Rib to the W-1206-L Spar Assembly and attach angle.

Step 5: Cleco then rivet the forward and aft trimmed W-1208-R Nose Rib with the attached nutplates to the attach angle.

Step 6: Cleco then rivet the Left Stub Spar Assembly to the forward flanges of the W-1208-L and W-1208-R Nose Ribs.

Step 7: Insert the SB375-4 snap bushings into the W-1208 Nose Ribs.

This completes page 15-05, Section 15 and the wing frames. Next will be the installation of the stall warning vane.