Monday, May 30, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 15: Wing Ribs (part 3)

Reference: page 15-03; 4.5 hours

I've been working on fluting and deburring the main wing ribs for the RV-12 airplane. Their not all done, however I wanted to make a post regarding a possible "Builder's Gotcha." As I deburred the ribs I noticed some small cracks in the rib flange. They were easy to fix but if not noticed could and would have caused problems down the road. Please see the pictures below for more details.

Step 1: Flute and straighten all of the W-1210 Main Rib flanges.

Here is the area of the small crack on the flange. Almost all of the left hand main ribs had them. The close up pictures below are a before and after using a round needle file.

It was easy fixing the problem the big thing is seeing it in the first place so it can be corrected. That's it for now back to the ribs!