Sunday, May 8, 2011

RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 15: Wing Ribs (part 1)

Reference: page 15-02; 7.5 hours

This weekend's work focused on deburring and fluting the nose ribs for the RV-12 wing kit. The deburring was a lot of work, but the way I figure it is much easier to deburr it now than having a rib crack after the wing is assembled and having to repair or replace a rib on the completed wing.

Durigm this process Ialso inspected the rib beads for cracks per SB 10-4-28. And found no cracks.

Step 1: Flute and straighten all of the W-1208 Nose Rib flanges.

Builders Note: I have found the set of needle file pictured below very helpful in cleaning up the edges. They are from Harbor Freight Tools. The oval file matches the rib scollops very well.