Sunday, May 1, 2011

RV-12 Section 14 Rear Spar, Stub Spar, Hinge Brackets (Part 2)

Reference: page 14-02; 4.5 hour

Still having fun with the RV-12 wing sub spars. I did run into three possible builder Gotchas in this section and will note them below as they come up during the build.

Step 4: Rivet the Stub Spar Assembly together at the holes called out. When setting the three rivets at the inboard end of each Stub Spar Assembly, the goal is to make both the shop head and the manufactured head as flush as possible (Section 5H.) Leave open the called out holes that will later correspond to the wing ribs.

Set both Stub Spar Assemblies aside until called for in Section 15, Wing Ribs.

Sorry about the blurry picture:(

Step 5: Cleco one of the W-1216-R Flaperon Hinge Brackets to one of the W-1216-L Flaperon Hinge Brackets. Do the same with the remaining three left and right flaperon hinge brackets.

Builder Gotcha number 1: In the picture above the top rivet is the called out 470AD4-4 rivet, however it is too short. So I substituted AN470AD4-5 (the lower rivet.)

Step 6: rivet the W-1216-L & -R Flaperon Hinge Brackets together using the rivets called out. Set the rivets in a random pattern to prevent warping in the final assemblies. Refer to each of these assemblies as the W-1216 Hinge Bracket Assembly. Set all four aside until Section 16, Wing Skeleton.

Step 7: Machine countersink the W-1212B-L & -R Flapreon Hinge Brackets per callouts.

Builders Gotcha number 2: This is from building the RV-10. The hole I am pointing at in the picture below should not be deburred. OK, maybe just the burr on the edge but don't enlarge the hole! Otherwise the bearing that is press in can spin in the bracket which is bad.

Builders note: The W-1212A has a slight curve to it and needs straightening. See below.

Step 8: Press one BEARING COM-3-5 into each of the W-1212A Flaperon Hinge Plates. Use a 7/16 inch, 3/8 inch drive socket to push on the bearing and a 9/16 inch, 3/8 inch drive socket to back up the flaperon hinge plate. Squeeze with a vise or C-clamp.

Step 9: Cleco each of the W-1212A Flaperon Hinge Plates between one each of the W-1212b-L & -R Flaperon Hinges. Press to area around the BEARING COM-3-5 of the assemblies together to insure that the bearing is seated into the recesses in the flaperon hinge bracket sides and not spreading the assemblies apart near the bearing.

Step 10: Rivet the W-1212A Flaperon Hinge Plates and the W-1212B-L &-R Flaperon Hinges together using the rivets called out. Set the rivets in a random pattern to prevent warping in the final assemblies.

Builders Gotcha number 3: This one did get me! When I was riveting them together I over squeezed the double flushed rivets near the bearing trying to get these flush. So I ended up drilling them apart straighting the brackets and re-riveting them together.

Step 11: Mark the W-1207C Tip Attach Angle as a left and right part. Separate the W-1207C-L & -R Tip Attach Angle by removing the joining material.

This completes page 14-02. I hope the Gotchas were helpful. Next time I will finish the spar section of this RV-12 airplane.