Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RV12 Vertical Stabilizer (continued)

Reference: page 06-04, page 06-05, page 06-06 hours 4

Step 5: Rivet the VS-1212-B-R Upper Spar Cap to the VS-1203 Rear Spar as shown in Figure 2. Leave open the spar flange rivets for this step. Install the VS-1212B-L Upper Spar Cap as a mirror of the right. (The rivet wedge tool fabricated at the beginning of this section may be useful here for the rivets closest to the rear spar flange.)

Step 6: Rivet the nutplates to the VS-1203 Rear Spar and VS-1212B-R & -L Upper Spar Caps as shown in Figure 2.

Step7: Rivet the nutplates to the VS-1202 Front Spar per call-out in Figure 3. This completes page 06-04.

Reference: page 06-05

Step 3: Rivet the VS-1202 Front Spar, the VS-1208 Lower Main Rib, and the nutplates together. Orient rib flanges as shown in Figure 2. Flush rivet on the previously counter sunk side of the front spar.

Step 4: Rivet the VS-1207 Upper Main Rib to the VS-1202 Front Spar. Hardware call-out and rib flange orientation shown in Figure 2.

NOTE: I ran into a possible GOTCHA in this step. The front two flange tabs (on the VS-1207) had rivet holes that were under sized and needed to be drilled out to #30 size. As best as I can tell if this isn't done the tab would not be riveted during the final riveting of the skins.

Step 5: Rivet the VS-1212A-L & -R Lower Spar Cap to the VS-1203 Rear Spar using the rivets called out. Place tape over the holes to be left open. Leave open all rear spar flange holes and the rib attach holes for this step.

Step 6: Rivet the VS-1207 Upper and VS-1208 Lower Main Rib to the VS-1203 Rear Spar and VS-1212A-L & -R Lower Spar Caps.

Step 7: Rivet the VS-1206 Mid Rib to the VS-1203 Rear Spar.

Step 8: Rivet the VS_1205 Tip Rib to the VS-1203 Rear Spar.

Refer to this sub-assembly as the V-Stab Skeleton Assembly.
This completes page 06-05.

Reference: page 06-06.

Step 9: Rivet the previously dimpled K1100-08 Nutplates, to the VS-1201 Mai Skin per call-outs in Figure 4. This completes page 06-06.