Saturday, February 26, 2011

RV-12 Rudder (Finishing)

Reference: page 07-03, page 07-04, page 07-05; 3.5 hours

Today the rudder for the RV-12 will be completed. If you are just joining this blog I'm in the process of building a Vans Aircraft RV-12 airplane that fits in the E-LSA (Experimental Light Sport) Category. The idea is to follow through the builders manual and document each step with pictures. If you look at the Topics on the left you can reference a specific page of the plans. You will also information about my RV-10 as well.

Let's see, we left off after checking the Hinge spacing for fitting the rudder spar to the vertical stabilizer. The parts have been alodined and primed with zinc chromate primer.

Reference page 07-03

Step 2:

Remove the R-1205 Hinge Brackets and WD-1205 Rudder Horn. Rivet the R-1204 Spar Caps and the R-1203 Main Rib to the R-1202 Spar. Rivet only the four holes common to the main rib. See the rivet call-out in Figure 2. NOTE: On my kit these rivets were a half size too long (this makes the shop head want to "clinch" or go off side ways) so I ended up cutting them down to size before setting them. Your mileage may vary;)

Step 3: Rivet the R-1205 Hinge Brackets to the R-1204 Spar Caps and R-1202 Spar. Rivet the remaining holes in the spar caps to the spar. See the rivet call-outs in Figure 2. NOTE: I found it easier to set the rivets I'm pointing at in the picture below before installing the hinge.

Step 4: Completed on previous blog entry.

Reference: page 07-04

Step 1: Rivet the R-1203A. trimmed Rib to the WD-1205 Rudder Horn. Flange orientation and rivet call-outs are shown in Figure 1. Refer to this assembly as the Rudder Horn Assembly. NOTE: Not sure if the two LP4-3 should be installed from the top or bottom, so I installed them from the top as it was a much better clearance for the rivet puller.

Step 2: Rivet the Rudder Horn Assembly to the R--1202 Spar, as shown in Figure 2.

Step 3: Rivet the three remaining R-1203 Main Ribs to the R-1202 Spar. Flange orientation and rivet call-outs are shown in Figure 3> Refer to this assembly as the Rudder Skeleton Assembly.

This completes page 07-04.

Reference: page 07-05

Step 1: Remove the material shown hatched from the lower end of the R-1201 Main Skin shown in Figure 1.

NOTE: I "broke" the leading edge of the left skin to help it lay flat and not pucker after riveting. This is not called for in the plans, just something I did.

Step 2: Position the R-1201 Main Skin oner the Rudder Assembly. Check for main skin hole alignment with the Rudder Skeleton Assembly. Cleco the entire main skin to the Rudder Skeleton AAssembly.

Step 3: Star nearest to the trailing edge rivet the R-1201 Main Skin to the Rudder Skeleton Assembly per call-oust in Figure 2. Leave open the top row of holes in the main skin.

Step 4: Close, and rivet the R-1201 Main Skin on the forward side of the R-1202 Spar. the main skin must overlap onto itself as shown in Figure 3.

This completes the rudder and section 07.