Thursday, February 24, 2011

RV-12 Rudder

Reference: page 07-02, page 07-03; 4.5 hours

Today I'm starting the rudder on the RV-12 airplane.

Step1: Read all steps in manual prior to construction.

Step 2: Separate the R-1204 Spar Caps by removing the material shown hatched in Figure 1. Deburr all the edges of both caps.

Step 3: Mark both of the R-1204 Spar caps with a centerline on the surface that will nest against the R-1202 Spar web as show in Figure 3.

Step 4: Final-Drill #30 the 1/8 inch holes in the R-1205 Hinge Brackets as called out in Figure 2.

Step 5: Final-Drill #12 the 3/16 inch holes in the R-1205 Hinge Brackets as called out in Figure 2.

Step 6: Separate the R-1205 Hinge Brackets by removing the material shown hatched in Figure 2. Deburr all the edges and drilled holes of both hinge brackets.

Step 7: Position the R-1204 Spar Caps between the flanges of the R-1202 Spar so the center shows through the middle set of holes in the spar web as shown in Figure 3. Adjust the bend of each spar cap, as necessary, to nest against the inner surface of the spar web and flange as shown in Figure 3. Detail A-A.

Clamp the spar caps in place. Mark the spar caps left or right so they can be installed in the same position as drilled.

Step 8: Match-Drill #30 the holes from the R-1202 Spar into the R-1204 Spar Caps per call-out in Figure 3. Cleco each hole before drilling the next. First match-drill the holes in the spar web, unclamp and clear away any chips, cleco the spar caps back in place.

Then match-drill the holes in the spar flanges. Remove the spar caps, deburr holes, and clear away any chips.

Step 9: Final-Drill the holes in the WD-1205 Rudder Horn as shown in Figure 4.

Step 10: Cleco the R-1204 Spar Caps, the R-1205 Hinge Brackets and the WD-1205 Rudder HOrn to the R-1202 Spar. Position clecos on the web of the spar as shown in Figure 4. Hereafter refer to this assembly as thew Rudder Spar Assembly.

Reference: Page 07-03

Step 1: Check the rudder hinge alignment by temporarily attaching the Lower Hinge Assembly to the V-Stab Assembly. Temporarily attach the Rudder Assembly to the V-Stab Assembly as shown in Figure 1.

When installing the hinge hardware, use one washer between the bolt head and R-1205 Hinge Bracket, one washer between nut and hinge bracket, and only one washer between each hinge bracket and upper hinge assembly. Begin with the same hardware order for the Lower Hinge Assembly. AN960-10L Washers may be substituted for AN960-10 Washers to adjust clearance between the hinge brackets.

Once a fit is confirmed, make note of the washers used. Detach the Rudder Spar Assembly.

NOTE: I made some washer holders out of tongue depressors to make it easier to place the washers.

Step 4: Remove the forward flange from one R-1203 Main Rib, per dimension in Figure 3. Deburr the trimmed edge. Hereafter refer to this trimmed rib as the R-1203A Trimmed Rib.