Friday, February 4, 2011

Inventory of RV-12 Tail Kit

It took all of a week to come to grips with building of another airplane. This is lightening speed for me as it normally takes six month to decide on buying a car! After getting the tail kit home, I started to unpack and inventory the parts. It still amazes me at all the little things that go into designing and delivering a great kit. My hat is of the the staff at Van's Aircraft for doing such an amazing job.

One nice addition to the RV-12 kit is a copy of the Standard Aircraft Handbook. It's a nice touch.

Just a thought on blog house keeping. I'm going to work out a way to keep all the RV-10 information available and I'm thinking of doing a page by page log of the RV-12 build here on the blog. This will be referenced by the page number of Van's building instructions.