Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Section 46: Engine Installation New Regulator Location

Reference: Pages 46-21, 46-22, 46-23 ; 4.0 hours

While up at Van's Aircraft it came to my attention that they are moving the standard location of the electrical regulator on the RV-12 airplane into the cockpit from the engine compartment. This will give the regulator a much cooler place to live and should extend its life. The old location was in the engine compartment and then a cooling blast tube was add to it. I liked the idea and so I am moving it to the new location. The revision date for this on the RV-12 plans is 07/03/14. The new plans include a drawing that give the dimensions to move it.

Builder's note: The picture above is the old location in the engine compartment.

Builder's note: Here is the new location inside above the copilot's legs.

Above is a picture of the two nutplates, from above, that will hold it in place.

Yes it requires some rewiring and rerouting of the wires through the firewall and then fire sealing them.

Also the old hole in the cooling shroud needed to be fiberglassed in and painting to match.

That's it for this job. It's a little extra work but well worth a cool running regulator in the RV-12.