Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build, Service Bulletin 14-11-03: Wing Skin to Spar Rivet Wear

Reference: Pages SB 14-11-03; 4.0 hours

This is another one of those service bulletin for the RV-12 airplane that just made sense to install as the wings hadn't been final coated with paint. Again I'm not doing a step by step but will highlight some points.

Builder's note: Be careful to back up the rib tabs, such as pictured above so they don't get bent when driving the rivet out.

Builder's note: I found a nib file used for removing paint run very helpful in leveling the paint around the rivets.

Builder's note: As you can see this one style of rivet leave a section of its mandrel sticking up above the rivet head. I called Van's Aircraft about it and they said to carefully grind it down to the head with removing any material from the rivet head using a Dremel.

This completes this Service Bulletin for the RV-12 airplane wings.