Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 21: Mid Fuse Bibs & Bottom Skins (part 2)

Reference: page 21-02; 4.5 hours

Step 6: Separate the F-1206B Rear Spar Receptcale Support by removing the hatched areas shown in Figure 3 of Van's Aircraft plans for the RV-12 page21-02.

Builders note: The parts above still need to be deburred and the edges smoothed.

Step 7: File the curved recess of both F-1206C Rear Spar Receptacles to closely fit the rounded mating ends of the Rear Spar Assemblies of both wings. The small flat on both rear spar receptacles locates the top of the parts. Once filled, mark the parts so that they will be assembled on the side they were fitted to.

Builders note: The film on these parts is very thin and still need to be removed

Builders note: The picture above is WRONG! In trying to get a good clear picture I flipped the part over in my hand so the "this side up" indicating flat is on the bottom of the wing and not the top. Surprisingly it still fits well.

Step 8: Rivet the Rear Spar Receptacle Supports and the Spar Receptacles to the F-1206A Bulkhead using the rivets called out in Figure 4. Insert the rivets in all the holes before setting any of them.

Step 9: Dimple the #19, #30, and #40 holes in the top flange of the F-1206A Baggage Bulkhead that correspond to the dimpled holes in the Baggage Floors (see Page 21-3, Figure 1 for the orientation of the bulkhead on the floors.)

Builders note: This dimpling was done out of sequence prior to priming. That's why the picture before shows the same piece but it is primed.

Step 10: Dimple the nutplate attach rivet holes in the top flange of the F-1206A bulkhead for the two nutplates depicted in Figure 4 of the RV-12 plans.

Step 11: Dimple the two nutplates depicted in figure 4, then rivet them to the top flange of the F-1206A Bulkhead.

Step 12: Dimple the nutplates called out in Figure 5 of the plans and teh correspongding holes in the top flang of the F-1206G-L&R Baggage Ribs.

Step 13: Rivet the nutplates called out in Figure 5 to the F1206G L&R Baggage Ribs.

Step 14: Rivet together two Bearing Brackets Assemblies using F-1206D Bearing Brackets and the hardware called out in Figure 6 on page 21-02 of the RV-12 plans. Machine counter sink one side of both Bearing Bracket Assemblies for the flush rivets shown.

Builders note: my bracket had a slight curve to them and needed to be straightened. Pictured below is the setup I used to press the bearing into place.

This completes page 21-02. Next time we will start page 21-03.