Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 21: Mid Fuse Bibs & Bottom Skins (part 1)

Reference: page 21-02; 13.5 hours

This entry starts a new section of the Van's Aircraft RV-12 project. 5 hours of the time logged on this entry was accumulated over a few days deburring prepping and priming.
It's been a busy term at school and I have fallen behind on writing posts. The goal is get caught up in the next few weeks.

Step 1: Dimple(flush on top surface) the five indicated #19 holes in the F-1224-R Baggage Floor. See Van's Aircraft RV-12 plans page 21-02 Figure 1. In both the F-1224-L & Right Baggage Floors, dimple all of the #30 and #40 holes along the edges bordered by dashed lines.

Step 2: Rivet the Baggage Floors to the center section Aft Bulkhead and the Side Bulkheads using the rivets called out. Use two thin flush sets in a hand squeezer and apply tape to the squeezer to prevent scratching the baggage floors.

Builders note: The baggage floor lip appears to pucker up in between the rivets. In reality these set flush with the bulkhead as soon as the rivet squeezer was removed.

Builder's note: I had a bear of a time with the rivet I am pointing at in the picture above. None of my rivet squeezers would fit in the corner, so I drive it using the rivet set and 3X gun pictured.

Step 3: Dimple the holes in the F-1221-L&R Baggage Ribs that correspond to the dimpled holes in the Baggage Floors.

Step 4: Rivet the Baggage floor Ribs to the Center Section Aft Bulkhead and Baggage floors using the rivets called out in Figure 2 of the RV-12 plans page 21-02. Install all the rivets so that the manufactured heads are on the bulk head.

Step 5: Dimple the nutplates depicted in Figure 2, then rivet them to the F-1221-L & R Baggage Ribs and Baggage Floors.

That's it for this entry. Next time I'll start where we left off today. Enjoy!