Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 20: Center Section Bulkhead (part 3)

I guess with the center bulkhead almost done this puts me well into the "are you building a canoe?" phase of building the RV-12 aircraft. Compared to the tail cone and wings there are a lot of smaller parts; this will slow things down a bit because I am alodining and zinc chromating parts as I build. Reference: page 20-03, page 20-04; 4 hours

Step 7: Attach the F-1204P-L and -R Skin Attach Flanges to the F-1204 Center Section Assembly.

This completes page 20-03.

Reference page 20-04

Attach the F-1204D Center Section Aft bulkhead and the F--1204F-L and -R Aft side Bulkheads to the F-1204 Center Section Assembly.

Builder's note: The plans call for AD4-8 rivets along the top edge of the of the Bulkhead. These proved to be too short on my plane, so I used -9. In the picture below you can see the resulting shop head of an -8 in the rivet gauge. All the other ones pictured are 4-9.

Step 2: Place the F-1204 Center Section Assembly upside down on the work surface. Install clecos as shown in Figure 1 on page 20-04 of Van's Aircraft plans for the RV-12. This is to prevent drill chips from falling between the center section assembly and the Center Section Aft Bulkhead while drilling. Cleco the f-1270-L Fuselage Side Skin to the center section assembly and to the F-1204T-L Skin Stiffener. Match-drill #30 the skin stiffener to the center section assembly. Repeat the process for the right side skin stiffener. Deburr holes and rivet the stiffener to the center section.

Note: These are LP 4- that are used not 4-3. This completes the Center Section bulkhead. Next entry I will continue with section 21 of the fuselage for the RV-12.