Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 18: Flaperon (part 4)

Reference: page 180-04; 3.5 hours

Today's entry covers the deburring of all the remaining RV-12 flaperon parts, prepping and then priming them. This is not a hard task it just takes time.

Step 8: Inspect the outside edges of all A-1204 Outbd Nose Ribs, and A-1205 Main Ribs, and deburr any edges that are left sharp from the manufacturing process and may scratch the mating skins or spar. during final assembly.

Deburr the inboard and outboard edges of the A-1202A & A-1202B Inbd & Outbd Flaperon Skins. Deburr the aft edges, upper and lower, of the A-1201B & A1201C Inbd, Mid, & Outbd Nose Skins. Prime the A-1206 Pivot Brackets and A-1207-L & -R Actuation Brackets. If desired, all other flaperon parts may be primed at this time.

This completes page 18-04 of Van's Aircraft plans. Next time will deal with final assembly of the flaperons for the RV-12 aircraft.