Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 18: Flaperon (part 2)

Today I spent most of the time deburring parts in preparation for build the RV-12's flaperons.However, there were a few other steps I accomplished

Reference: page 18-02, 180-3, 18-04; 1.5 hours

Step 3: Flute the flanges of the A1204-L & -R Outbd Nose Ribs and A-1210-L & -R inbd Nose Ribs at the locations shown in Figure 3 and 4 of the RV-12 plans. Flute the rib flanges so as to make the rib webs as straight as possible however it is not absolutely necessary for the ribs to be perfectly straight.

Builder's note: I ended up putting very deep flutes in the ribs to get them as straight as possible. This was done after I deburred the edges of the parts.

This completes page 18-02.

Reference page 18-03

Step 1: Cleco together the A-1203 Spar, A-1204-L & -R Outbd Nose Ribs, A-909 Aleron Counterbalance, and A-1201C-L Outbd Nose Skin.

Step 2: match-Drill #30 the most outboard hole and most inboard hole of the A-1201C-L Outbd Nose Skin into the A-909 Aileron Counterbalance. See "match-drill call-out in Figure 1 of the the RV-12 plans on page 18-03.

Builders' note: Stainless steel is very hard, used new bits while drilling and Boelube (which is sold by Van's Aircraft). I started with a #40 drill bit and then final drilled with the #30.

Reference page 18-04

Step 1: Break apart the A-1208 Brackets by removing the hatched areas shown.

After completing the above steps, I deburred, etched and alodined the parts for priming.