Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 18: Flaperon (part 3)

Reference: page 18-03, page 180-04; 3 hours

Well, the flaperons for the RV-12 are going smoothly. As soon as I finish this section I will do a time comparison between the RV-12 and the RV10. But I can tell you right now the RV-12 is hands down much fast to build.

Step 3: Un-cleco all the parts. Deburr the two holes just drilled into the A-909 Aileron Counterbalance. Rivet the A-1204-L & -R Outbd Nose Ribs to the aileron counterbalance.

Step 4: Cleco the A-1204-L & R Outbd Nose Ribs/A909 Aileron Counterbalance sub assembly to the A-1203 Spar. Cleco the A-1201C-L Outbd Nose Skin to the spar and outbd nose ribs.

Step 5: Match-Drill #30 the holes of the A-1201C-L Outbd Nose Skin into the A-909 Ailron Counterbalance. See "match-drill" call-outs in Figure 3 of Van's Aircraft plans for the RV-12.

Because of the hardness of the stainless steel I prefer to match drill with a #40 drill bit first and then final drill with the #30. In the pictures below you can see why. The First picture is a #40 hole. Note the drill bit "walked" while drilling making for a ugly pilot hole. However, when it was final drilled #30 it completely cleaned the hole up. The slight unevenness of the hole in the bottom picture is due the the camera angle to the piece.

Match-drill 330 the holes of the outbd nose skin into the upper flanges of the A-1204-L & -R Outbd Noe Ribs.

Remove the #40 cleco holding the out bodnose skin to the upper flange of each outbd nose rib and final drill #30.

Step 6: Un-cleco all parts. Deburr all holes in the A-909 Aileron Counterbalance and all holes in the A-1204-L & _r Outbd Nose Ribs and A-1201C-L Outbd Nose Skin that were either matchdrilled or final drilled.

This completes all steps on page 18-03.

Reference: page18-04

Step 3: Rivet the A-1208 Bracket to the A-1210-L Inbd Nose Rib per the callout in Figure 2.

Step 4: Cleco two A-1206 Pivot Brackets and the Inbd Nose Rib & Brakcet Assembly to the A-1203 Spar.

Step 5: Insert an AN3 Bolt thourgh the hole in the A-1208 Bracket and A-1207-L Actuation Bracket. use washers to space the parts as shown in Fidure 3 on page 18-04 of the RV-12 plans.

Step 6: Align the sides of the A-1207-l Actuation Bracket and A-1206 Pivot Brackets perpendicular with the upper edge of the A-1203 Spar. Match-drill #30 the holes in the spar into the actuation bracket and pivot bracket. Cleco as you drill.

Step 7: Remove the A-1206 Pivot Brackets, A-1207-L Actuation Brackets, and Inbd Nose Rib & Brackets Assembly from the A-1203 Spar and deburr all holes in all parts that were match-drilled.