Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 17: Wing Skins (part 11)

Reference: page 17-05, page 17-06; 3.5 hours

I'm enjoying working on the RV-12's wing tips, it's quite different from the fiberglass tips used on the RV-10 and other Van's Aircraft planes.

Step 4: Rivet the W-1204F-L Aft Wing Tip Rib to the W-1204A-L Wing Tip Fwd Skin and W-1204B Wing Tip Aft Skin. The tip of the Rear Spar Assembly may be trimmed to eas fitting between the flanges of the Aft Wing Tip Rib.

Step 5: Flute the W-1204E-L Fwd Wing Tip Rib so that it matches the outboard edge of the W-1204A-L Wing Tip Fwd Skin. Rivet the fwd tip rib to the wing tip fwd skin and W-1204F-L Wing Tip Rib.

Builder's note: In the picture above the top tip rib has yet to be fluted as compared to the flute rib.It can't be seen in the picture but I had to flute both the top and bottom flanges to get these to fit right.

This completes page 17-05.

Reference page 17-06

Step 1:
Fabricate a bending tool from a piece of wood 1/2 - 3/4 inches thick. See Figure 1 of Van's Aircraft RV-12 plans on page 17-06. To use the bending tool, slide the slot in the bending block over the tab so that the edge of the tab hits the back of the slot and bend the tab. This will give the proper flange height. Bend the tabs of one of the W-1204D Wing Tip Close-Outs as shown in figure 2 of Van's Aircraft plans.

Builder's note: The plans give angles within a degree. I bent mine within 5 degrees of these measurements erring on the less bent side of the measurement with no problems in fitting the close-out

Step 2: Cleco the W-1204D-L Wing Tip Close-Out to the wing. Check to be sure that the fit is good and adjust the bend angles of the wing tip close-out tabs if/as required. When satisfied with the fit of the wing tip close-out, rivet to the wing.

Builder's note: A couple of the rivets bottomed out on the rivets from the opposing skin. For these I used a hand rivet gun to allow these to be slide into place while setting.

Builder's note: If installing lights the rivet holes I am pointing at , in the picture below, are left open until the light fairing is installed.

Next time we will finish the RV-12's wings off with the exception of installing the tip strobe fairings. I'm holding off on these until I start in on the fiberglass work. Also, I don't have the fuel tank sealant and don't want to store it as it has a limited shelf life.