Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Build, Section 17: Wing Skins (part 9)

Reference: page 17-03, page 17-04, page 40-02; 7.5 hours

Primed the wing tip parts for the RV-12. Also I'm just about finished skinning and riveting the wings.

It's been just six months since I picked up my RV-12 tail kit from Van's Aircraft. Even with the extra work of prepping and priming the parts it is truly amazing how quickly this airplane goes together. After I finish the wings I'll do a time comparison between the RV-12 and the RV-10.

Reference: page 17-03

Step 5: Layout and then remove the shaded area from the W-1204D Wing Tip Clouse-Out using the template on page 40-17 of the RV-12 plans. This will create a wing tip access opening to reach into the wing tip and routing wires.

Step 6: Drill #19 a hole near the froward edge of the acess opening in the Wing Tip Close-Out. Builder's note: I drill the holes #30 and will enlarge it to final size before installing.

This completes page 40-02.

Reference page 17-03

Step 5:
Cleco the Outbd Upper Skin to the wing skeleton . Rivet the outbd upper wing skin to the skeleton leaving open the holes shown in Figure 4 of Van's Aircraft's plans for the RV-12.

Builder's note: I got over zealous in riveting the left wing's outer panel in place and will need to drill out a few rivet to install the center skin. Ideally the leading edge skin should not be riveted yet. The right wing is done according to the plans.

This completes page 17-03

Reference 17-04

Step 1: Cleco one of the W-1202B Mid Upper Wing Skins to the wing skeleton. Rivet the mid upper wing skin to the skeleton leaving holes open as shown in figure 1 of the RV-12 plans page 17-04.

Builder's note: In the picture above you can see the problem I ran into because of riveting the nose skins on the left wing. The pictures below show how I ended up fitting the skin without drilling out too many rivet. The key was not to force the skins back in such a way as to kink the sheets but to let them arch gradually.

Step 2: Dimple the three inboard holes in the W-1201C-L Wing Walk Doubler shich are in line with the two rows of holes in the leading edge which are already dimpled.

Note: It may be necessary to make a slight edge bend to the forward edge of the Wing Walk Doubler.

Step 3: Cleco the Wing Walk Doubler to the wing. Begin clecoing at the forward/lower edge of the wing walk doubler and progress up and aft. Cleco the remaining portion of the Inbd Wing Skin to the wing skeleton. Rivet the wing walk and inbd wing skin to the wing. Be sure to use flush-head rivets in the dimpled holes.

Builder's note: As my fingertips were getting sore, I started using the dowel rod for placing the rivets into place. Care must be used so as not to dent the skins!

That's it for today's entry. Next time I'll finsh the wing skins and get into the wing tip and closeouts.