Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build: Final Assembly (part 11) New Vernier Throttle

Reference: Notifications 14/09/24 and 14/09/25; 3.5 hours

Had a nice visit with Ken Scott at Van's Aircraft yesterday about flying the RV-12 and he suggested going to the new vernier throttle. The reasoning is this, on final approach the RV-12 need to be slown down, however the old throttle would creep forward and increase the engine rpm especially with the older Rotax throttle springs. After flying 50 plus hours with the old throttle he was surprised at what a difference the new vernier throttle made.

So today I'm removing the old throttle and installing the new setup which includes the new carburetor springs.

Out with the old.,br/>

Builder's note: The new throttle is a larger diameter than the old one. And the hole needs to be moved downward to allow the nut the backside of the control panel to turn freely and not interfere with the instrument panel floor. So I used a Dremel to enlarge the hole and lower it off center. Ithink the new panels have this clearance issue solved.

Of course the firewall needs to be resealed with fire proofing.

And the extra cable cut off.

New springs installed and the throttle cables rigged per page 50-05 and 50-06.

The new throttle cable comes pre-labeled. So that's one less thing to worry about. This complete this entry and installation of Notification 14/09/24 and 14/09/25 and page 50-05 and 50-06. The feel of the new vernier throttle cable is great!