Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vans Aircraft RV-12 Airplane Build: Final Assembly (part 6) & Dynon Skyview Setup

Reference: Pages 47-07, 47-05, SB 14-05-22, 46-14 53-10; 6.0 hours

Today was a big work day for the RV-12. Van's has come up with a new gauge for pitching the prop and it is really cool! Most of the other projects centered around the Skyview EFIS system.

First came the pitching of the prop. To start with the RV-12 needs to be level from front to back and the prop need to be level from side to side. The new instructions for this are listed on page 47-07 ( the page says revision 0.) Then each blade is pitch to 71.4 degrees. Making sure to check pitch through the torquing of the prop bolts. Next was job was to installed the spinner using page 47-05 as a reference.

Reference: SB 14-05-22

Having previously installed the canopy safety switch, I wanted to check the operation of it at least with the engine not running. There is also a check that will be done after the first engine startup.

Reference: page 46-14 With the EFIS up and running it was a good time to complete step 4 on page 46-14. It calls for checking the Oil Sensor is set to the Rotax 456180 sensor. Mine was set to a different sensor, but was an easy change in the SETUP MENU.

Next I wanted to check that the EGT sensors had not ben swapped on my RV-12. So I heated the left sensor up using a 100 watt light bulb and looked for the increase on the left read out. My plane is set up correctly. I can't remember which Notification discussed this from Van's.

Next came registering the map license on the Skyview. It requires going to Dynon's website and using the certificate that came with the Dynon and registering it. They then send a code back to be entered into the EFIS system. Note: it does take a couple of days to get the code from Dynon.

Reference: Page 53-10 set up of A-DSB

I had installed the A-DSB receiver earlier in the building process. It is now time to set it up. After rolling the RV-12 outside so it could sense the GPS network. I went through the process as outlined by Dynon. And check it's operation.

So that finishes this work session on the RV-12 airplane.